Why An Online Presence Is Important For Your Construction Business

The carpentry and construction world is not necessarily known for leading in the tech world. But it is important to advance with the times. And having an online presence is crucial in today’s day and age. 

You probably remember the days where you found a service via a newspaper ad or in the yellow pages. Today things are different. When people are searching for a service of any kind, including construction, the first thing they do is google it!

It is important to have a strong online presence for people to connect to when they type something into the search engine. They are looking for information, and also getting a feel for your company. So you want to put your best foot forward when it comes to how you present yourself online. 

Here are some reasons why an online presence is important, and some tips to help you get started:

It’s the first impression.

As stated, the first thing people do when searching for a professional of any kind is to google it. Even if they receive a recommendation from a friend, their first stop will still be to check you out online. If they can’t find any information about you online, it acts as a mark against you. Who doesn’t at least have a website these days?

On the other hand, if they come across your website and verify what they’ve heard, then they are more likely to become a client. 

It’s the way consumers gather information.

You used to have to call to get basic information about a company, service, or product. But now, the expectation is that people should be able to gather initial information online. And they get frustrated when they can’t. People want to easily be able to tell who you are, what you do, what services you offer, and how to contact you. If they can’t at least find that out after spending a few minutes online, they will most likely move on. 

At Waldron Carpentry, our website is simple and effective. We focus on our work ethic, dedication to service, and our ability to complete a job excellently and efficiently. We list our services and we have a blog that highlights various carpentry-related tips and information. We also make it simple for people to contact us. An online presence doesn’t need to be elaborate or complex to be strong. 

It’s how you build credibility.

Another important factor of an online presence is that it builds credibility. Especially in terms of services like construction or carpentry. By visiting your website and reading google reviews and ratings, people can assess how credible and legitimate you are. 

No, ratings and reviews aren’t everything, but they matter in this modern age of business! Many people rely on such ratings in order to choose a service. It is also a great way to showcase completed projects and take credit for the hard work you’ve done. 

It’s how you get noticed. 

A strong online presence is also a great way to advertise and market your services. Google search results rely on an algorithm that is influenced by the things you post. In other words, your website will more readily come up in searches if you are posting monthly blogs, for example. It is also influenced by how people interact with your page. The more you put out there, the more you will get noticed. The more you get noticed, the more clients you get!

If you aren’t naturally good at technology, there are companies like Simple Social that specialize in helping you create a strong online presence. Don’t miss out on good business because you lack a strong online presence!

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