What Can Waldron Carpentry Do For You?

Carpentry is making or repairing things made from wood. That’s a pretty broad term and those in the industry tend to pick some areas that they can focus on. The carpenter building your roof truss is probably not the one who will be doing custom scroll work on your crown molding. We all know the saying “Jack of all trades, master of none.” Waldron Carpentry has chosen to master a select number of specialties so that you can be confident that you are getting the best possible product.

Wood Framing

The quality of a building or house depends on its framing. It is the skeleton that the rest of the building is built around. That’s why, at Waldron Carpentry, we approach wood framing with one goal: excellence.  Our top-of-the-line equipment and trained experts deliver wood framing that will give you the structure and quality you expect.

Exterior Trim & Siding

Whether your project is a remodel or new construction, Waldron Carpentry can do the high-quality trim and siding work that your project deserves. We handle commercial and residential projects with the same level of excellence. We will complete your job on time and in budget.

Finish Carpentry

Finish Carpentry is things like doors, staircases, baseboards, and window casing. The finish carpentry is often what makes your project stand out. We specialize in both residential and commercial finish carpentry and it would be our pleasure to put our skilled carpenters to work making your project extraordinary.

Wood Trusses

The importance of high-quality trusses can’t be overstated. Florida places some unique and strenuous demands on roof and floor trusses. Excellent trusses are essential to a strong and durable building. That’s why major projects like the Ritz Carlton and Kalea Bay in Naples chose Waldron Carpentry as their contractor for trusses. That same expertise can be put to work on your next construction project.

Rough Carpentry

Rough carpentry is one of the first stages in most buildings you see, whether a private home or a sprawling office complex. It often involves constructing temporary structures and supports. It may be forms for concrete or wall structure drywall or a number of other things. No matter what type of rough carpentry your project calls for, we can complete it with the quality you demand.

Waldron Carpentry has been working with the finest builders in the Southwest Florida community for over two decades. We haven’t stayed in business in the same place this long by doing substandard work. The fact that the builders return to us, again and again, is a testament to how we do business. We would love to hear about your project. Contact us at our website or call us at (239) 707-1770. We look forward to building a relationship with you.