Waldron Carpentry Exposes 3 Ways A Contractor Can Cheat You

Waldron Carpentry knows that picking a carpentry contractor is an important step in making sure that your project is completed. But it’s not as simple as it sounds. Making the right choice is critical. There are some choices that will cost you time and money and likely leave you frustrated. Previously, we told you how to find a good carpentry contractor. This time let’s talk about how bad ones can try to cheat you.

Using Inferior Materials

Materials costs right now are high, so this type of shenanigans is a distinct possibility. Your contract will often specify a type or quality level of materials that will be used in the project, but to save money, they substitute lower-quality materials. They may also count on the consumer not knowing the difference between what is specified and what is being used.

There are ways to counter this. One way is to ask to see the materials. It doesn’t have to be in a confrontational or accusatory way, but an honest contractor shouldn’t hesitate to show you the materials. If you’re not sure you can tell the difference, bring a friend who can. The other way to counter it is to hire a carpentry contractor that has a proven track record of repeat business from some of the biggest builders in the area, such as Waldron Carpentry.

The Vanishing Act

A contractor may ask for some funding for materials up front, often called a draw. This is a legitimate practice, and it can help protect the contractor. Unfortunately, it can also be the easiest way to rip off a consumer. There are a few ways it can play out. Perhaps the contractor claims the materials are on backorder. Or they may have problems with their workers, like illness or a death in the family. Delays happen and then slowly, calls and emails go unanswered. Then the contractor becomes a ghost.

The easiest way to combat this ploy is to hire a local company with an established reputation instead of a contractor with nothing but a first name, a trailer with out-of-state plates and a business card with ink that is still wet. There is little you can do to pressure that contractor into making good on his word. The established ones, however, have earned their reputation by making commitments and sticking to them.

Inferior Work

Inferior work is one of the most common ways that a carpentry contractor can scam the consumer. It can be something as simple as not using enough nails for baseboards or as major as framing or trusses that are structurally unsound. Inferior work can range from frustrating to dangerous. It may be readily obvious, like a poorly painted wall, or it can be hidden so that there will be few clues until it fails.

The best way to avoid this scheme is again, to hire a contractor with a proven history of high-quality work. A contractor that knows their work meets building and safety codes and will provide their customers with years of service.

Hire Right

Waldron Carpentry has been working with the finest builders in the Southwest Florida community for over two decades. We haven’t stayed in business in the same place this long by doing substandard work. The fact that the builders return to us, again and again, is a testament to how we do business. When we say we’ll do something, we’ll do it. It’s as simple as that. On-time. In budget. Waldron Carpentry has spent 20 years building the reputation we enjoy and every day, we work to maintain it. Waldron Carpentry does wood rough carpentry, exterior trim and siding, wood framing, custom roof trusses and finish carpentry. If you are a general contractor and you need a carpentry contractor you can rely on, we would love to hear about your project. Contact us at our website or call us at (239) 707-1770. We look forward to building a relationship with you.

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