Top 7 Reasons to Vote

The year 2020 has been eventful to say the least! It has also been a very controversial year in many ways. Probably the most controversial issue, however, has been that of the presidential election. 

People seem to be more divided than ever. And many are even questioning the purpose of voting. That’s why we want to take a break from our usual carpentry content, and encourage you to use your voice to vote! At Waldron Carpentry, we believe that every vote matters!

Here are 7 reasons why you should vote:

1. It’s Our Civic Duty

First and foremost, voting is our civic duty as Americans! We are a part of an amazing country that was formed from the idea that each person matters. Each person has a say in how things are run. And we have a duty to honor that system. 

2. It’s a Privilege and a Right

Not every country allows their citizens this privilege. Voting is a right and a privilege we have as Americans. Choosing not to vote is like throwing away that privilege. 

3. It’s Your Way to Contribute

Voting is one of the greatest ways to contribute to society. It can be difficult to know how to change or shape issues we see everyday. But when we vote, we have the power to shape actual laws and policies. 

4. No Vote – No Right to Complain

Anyone can complain. But if you’re not willing to be a part of the solution, you forfeit your right to complain. Silence and inaction are the same as acceptance.

5. The Future is in the Hands of the Voters

The future literally depends on choices we make on our ballots. Who we elect, what constitutional amendments we vote for, and who we appoint. The future of our country depends on elections!

6. Your Specific Vote Matters

Elections have been won and lost on a single vote. What if your vote is the one that tips the scales?

7. American Pride

Taking part in democracy will give you a sense of pride. And will remind you that you are lucky to be an American. You are lucky to live in a country that values your voice and gives you the chance to speak up. 

Hopefully this list encouraged you to get out there and vote this weekend. Every vote matters. YOUR vote matters!

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