The Power of Technology in the Carpentry Industry

These days, technology is constantly evolving. And, as it changes and advances, so do jobs. Almost every job uses technology in some way or another these days. And, just like every other industry, carpentry continues to advance with the help of technological improvements. Technology has brought so many benefits to the table. One being, that carpenters can rely on technology to help them stay precise and productive. 

With so much assistance from modern technology, some individuals may assume that when technology enters the workforce, it could eliminate jobs, but that’s just not true. Technology exists to assist, not to replace. 

Here are a few examples of how technology is assisting commercial carpenters on the job:

Wearable Technology

Wearable technology is the newest means of increasing workplace safety. Every employee has a device that they wear on their person. Many of these wearables are integrated into equipment that is already needed on construction sites, such as helmets, vests, and boots. 

Wearable technologies keep workers safe, track progress, and monitor job site conditions. In the near future, commercial carpenters should expect wearables on all projects. The technology is costly, but it has reduced accidents and delays, and as a result, it is gaining popularity.


Drones are being employed in a variety of ways in the construction industry. Most significantly, they provide aerial views of the job site to check on progress, monitor personnel, and look for any potential safety issues. In addition, drones have cameras and video equipment. Drones give workers a bird’s-eye view of the broader picture, ensuring that the project stays on track. 

They reduce the need for people to inspect potentially unsafe parts of the job site in person. While drones can fly and conduct inspections, personnel are still required to control the drone and evaluate the images it collects. The drone is merely a piece of equipment, not a substitute for labor.

High-Tech Precision Instruments

Commercial carpenters’ tools are incredibly modern and packed with the most cutting-edge technology accessible today. Saws are capable of cutting complicated patterns and forms. In addition, laser measurement that is nearly faultless ensures that everything is as exact as possible. New power tools are now available to help carpenters reduce their efforts. For professional carpenters, these precision devices will shave hours off their entire completion time. They merely enter the dimensions they require, and the machines will carry out the commands. 

In addition, precision equipment does more than save time; it can maximize the usage of each piece of material and minimize the damage that might occur if the carpenters did the work by hand. Tools can’t replace commercial carpentry. Instead, they complement it and make it more streamlined and efficient.

In conclusion, here at Waldron Carpentry, we love how much technology has advanced and the benefits it is providing this industry. We look forward to learning about all the new innovative technology that will come out in the future. 

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