What Does a Wood Framing Contractor Do?

One of the things we do here at Waldron Carpentry is wood frame carpentry. But what does that entail? A wood framing contractor is a professional who specializes in constructing the wooden structure of a building. This may include the framing of walls, floors, roofs, and other structural components made from wood. This is an…

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What is Wood Rough Carpentry?

wood rough carpentry

When you talk about carpentry, there are many different things you could be discussing. A carpenter that does intricate scroll work on a piece of furniture is unlikely to be the same building roof trusses on your job site. Wood rough carpentry is a crucial aspect of the construction industry. It plays a significant role…

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What Can Waldron Carpentry Do For You?

Carpentry is making or repairing things made from wood. That’s a pretty broad term and those in the industry tend to pick some areas that they can focus on. The carpenter building your roof truss is probably not the one who will be doing custom scroll work on your crown molding. We all know the…

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Nail Guns Commonly Used by a Carpentry Sub-Contractor

Framing Contractor Naples

When you hire a carpentry sub-contractor, typically they will bring their own commercial grade tools to the job site. Still, there are a lot of varieties within the tools. In another article, we explored the different kinds of hammers you may see on a job site. Now let’s look at some of the nail guns…

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3 Things to Consider When Choosing a Carpentry Contractor

Carpentry Contracting

When it comes to choosing the right carpentry contactor for your project, there are several things to keep in mind. You want to make sure you find the right fit for the job, because the contractor you choose is just as important as the job itself. After all, they are the ones that dictate the timeline, the budget, and the overall quality of the job.

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