Rough Carpentry: More Than It Seems

When you hear the term “rough carpentry” it probably conjures images of rough woodwork such as the framing of a structure. While that is a part of rough carpentry, it can also be so much more. 

Rough carpentry technically deals with the basics. This includes framing, roofing, flooring, walls, and everything that goes into the basic structure of a building. Rough carpenters ensure that a building is up to code and follows the blueprints and engineering specs. It is extremely important work because it is the foundation of everything. Even though it covers the basics, there’s nothing basic about it. 

Rough carpentry can also be decorative and artistic. 

Finish carpentry deals more in the finishing touches of a space. It is the baseboards, trim, crown molding, and all other details. Finish carpentry and rough carpentry intersect when rough carpentry contributes to the overall look and feel of a space. It could mean anything from decorative ceilings to exposed beams, and uniquely textured interior elements. Especially in recent trends that favor an industrial, unfinished look, or even raw look, rough carpentry can contribute to the artistic vibe of a building. 

When you find a carpenter that isn’t afraid to break convention and step out of the box, the sky’s the limit! 
Waldron carpentry is known for doing just that. We love to make unique and customized ideas come to life, and believe that rough carpentry can add to the overall design and vision of a project in addition to the structure. If you have specific ideas or a unique vision for a project, we would love to discuss how to bring it to life. Contact us today to learn more about our process!

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