Introducing Our Custom Engineered 6 Truss Lifting Bar

Here at Waldron Carpentry, we aren’t interested in simply maintaining the status quo. We are innovative and inventive. We are always looking for ways to increase efficiency, reduce costs, and improve safety for our team. 

We recently designed a custom engineered 6 Truss Lifting Bar that was engineered and fabricated in Florida. We are excited about this addition because we know it will save time and money, as well as increase the safety of our crew. It will also help save Crane Operator time and expense; as we are able to do more with less.  Lifting 6 trusses at a time versus 1 truss is a huge savings.  In addition, our crew spends more time on the ground in preparation for the lift of the trusses and less time in the air; which circles back to improving the safety of all.

We are excited about this new, innovative piece of equipment because we know it will greatly improve our ability to complete jobs quickly and efficiently. 

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