Inspiring Structures Made From Wood

If you’re looking for carpentry inspiration or new, innovative ideas, look no further. Check out some of these incredible wooden buildings. Scattered all over the world are incredible wooden structures. These are just a few examples of what excellent carpentry and woodworking can accomplish for a job. So, it’s possible that you’ll be working on the next project one of these days!

Mason Lane Farm, Kentucky

The Louisville-based De Leon & Primmer Architecture Workshop developed this remarkable large-scale shed near Goshen, Kentucky. This building, made of locally grown bamboo, is used for seasonal crop storage. In addition, the open design allows for a lot of natural airflow, which is necessary for drying hay. Architect Magazine put some amazing photos of the barn on their website for us all to admire. 

Fogo Island Inn, Canada

The Fogo Island Inn is a public inn on Fogo Island, Canada, nestled on the island’s hills. There are 29 guest rooms and numerous common areas in this lovely wooden structure. Every guest room has a view of the ocean, so no matter which room you book, you’ll have a beautiful view. Room sizes range from 350 square feet to 1,100 square feet. The inn’s woodwork is incredible. Massive wooden beams provide a level foundation for the construction and avoid flooding during storms for The Fogo Island Inn. This wooden building was built only six years ago. It’s a wonderful work of art.  

Tillamook Air Museum, Oregon

The Tillamook Air Museum, in Oregon, is the world’s largest wooden construction. The hangar, which was built in 1942, was used to store the blimps and warships of the United States Navy. This gigantic hangar is 296 feet wide and 1,072 feet tall, and it spans seven acres. So, that means the hangar is the size of six football fields! The large wooden tower now serves as an aircraft museum and is the home to a number of historic planes from around the world.

Superior Dome, Michigan

Northern Michigan University’s campus is home to this huge dome. This huge wooden construction dethroned the Tacoma Dome in Washington State as the “Largest Wooden Dome” in 1991. This magnificent piece of carpentry and woodworking reaches 14 stories tall and stretches over 5.1 acres. 781 Douglas Fir beams and 108 kilometers of fir decking support The Superior Dome. This is a relatively new building, which surprises a lot of people. Furthermore, this is the pinnacle of industrial carpentry.

In conclusion, these examples of exceptional carpentry demonstrate how carpenters may influence the outcome of a construction project. We can work on massive structures that have a significant impact on society. Waldron Carpentry is all about creating one-of-a-kind structures that are creative, inspiring, and unique. We hope this article is as inspiring to you as it is to us. 

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