How to Make This Your Best Decade Yet

The start of a new year is a perfect time to set goals for the future, whether for yourself personally or for your business. Thinking through and creating tangible goals can set you up to enjoy your best decade yet. Check out these simple steps to get you headed in the right direction.

Start with the End Goal

Getting started can be the most challenging part of goal setting. Get a list of categories you would like to see improved in your life, and think about where you would like to see yourself or your business in one, five, and ten years from now. These goals can incorporate anything from finances to health to relationships to business. Envision yourself down the road meeting these goals, and imagine the impact it will make.

Make It Personal

Secondly, establish the connection between the goal itself and the personal impact it will have on your life or your business. The impact can be physically tangible, such as a certain amount of money earned from a particular project. Or the impact can be an enhancement of your quality-of-life in a transcendent way. For example, if the goal is to spend a set amount of quality time with an important person in your life every week, the personal impact could be a better marriage, a stronger friendship or a greater business partnership.

Write It Down

In reality, unless you write a goal down, the chances of actually completing that goal are slim. When you have a plan in place that you can come back to and evaluate regularly, you are much more likely to keep those goals (and action steps) moving forward. Check out these tips for writing down goals and significantly increase your chances of success. 

In all, by establishing and working towards your personal and business goals, you can set yourself up for the most successful decade yet. 

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