How to Choose a Framing Contractor

Framing is one of the most important aspects of a project, which makes hiring the right framing contractor a top priority. When making your decision, give yourself plenty of time to research the best contractor for the job. This includes checking for references, making sure they have proper licensing, insurance and permits, and evaluating the customer service experience they provide. 


Reputable companies have no problem with you asking about their previous projects, and they will likely have clients you can contact to share about their experience. What is the quality of the work they have done? Were projects completed on time and within the established budget? Did they operate with honesty and integrity?


Contractors should display their license number or at least have it easily accessible. Proper licensing by the state gives you peace of mind that the work is completed legally and with accountability. Make sure that the license number is printed in any documentation or contracts presented to you for reference. 


Many insurance policies do not provide full coverage for injuries that occur on the owner’s site. Confirm that the contractor you choose has a full-coverage policy in effect during the entire time they are working on your project. If someone gets hurt, the injury should be covered under the contractor’s policy. 


Any contractor who operates their business professionally will secure the necessary permits required to complete the project. Going through these proper channels on the front end ensures that you won’t face trouble down the road. 

Customer Service Experience

First impressions make a lasting impact. Pay attention to how the contractor handles communication with you, from the initial contact to follow-up and proposals. Do you feel like a priority to them? Is communication handled professionally and thoroughly? Does the contractor provide you with a detailed timeline and budget? All of these steps are major indicators of how your project will be managed. Poor communication on the front end might lead to major headaches down the line when it comes to completing the project itself. 

Finding someone with a strong reputation who provides an excellent customer service experience will ultimately provide you with less stress and a successful result. 
At Waldron Carpentry, our reputation speaks for itself. We desire to go above and beyond your expectations, providing you with a masterfully crafted framing job. Contact us today to find out more about how we can be the right framing contractor for you.

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