Growth for Downtown Fort Myers Means Growth for the City

Fort Myers Florida is a growing city that shows no sign of slowing down in the years to come. Many new construction projects have resulted from the need to house new residents and build the ever-growing communities they live in. From high-rise hotels to residential communities, there always seems to be a new project on the horizon. 

This has been especially true in the Downtown Fort Myers area. Efforts to restore and rebuild the downtown community began over a decade ago and still continue today. One of the exciting new projects that will be completed in 2020 is the Luminary Hotel. It is a 12-story hotel connected to the Harborside Event Center that will make it easier for guests to stay and enjoy their time in Fort Myers when they attend one of the various events hosted at the event center. 

Just west of the downtown area, the City Walk Project is in full effect as well. The project includes a 4-story apartment building, commercial space, office buildings, and plans for another hotel. 

The downtown area also consists of a myriad of local cuisine. Some, like Downtown House of Pizza, have been there for years and are considered a staple of the community. Other restaurants are newer additions to the area and continue to diversify the options available to satisfy the pallet. 

Since renovations began, and as they continue, downtown Fort Myers has truly become a central hub of activity for the city. Whether you want to grab a bite to eat, browse the shops, stroll along the river, or attend one of the numerous community events, downtown Fort Myers will not disappoint. You especially don’t want to miss Art Walk, which has become a staple of nightlife in the area and takes place on the first Friday of every month.  

With the renovations currently underway and the plans for future projects, downtown Fort Myers will continue to grow and attract more economic growth and change for the city as a whole. And with quality companies like Waldron Carpentry working on the projects, they are sure to stand the test of time and lay the foundation for future growth. 

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