Contractor VS Carpenter: What’s The Difference?

The terms “contractor”, “carpenter” and even “woodworker” are often used interchangeably. But they mean different things to those working in the industry. It is important to know the difference to determine which professional is right for which job. 


When people use the word “contractor” they are typically referring to general contractors. But even that term still confuses at times. People often mislabel anyone who works in construction as a general contractor, but that isn’t accurate. General contractors oversee construction projects and are responsible for hiring the right people to carry out the specific tasks that a job requires. 

General contractors are project managers that oversee the construction involved in a project. They keep everyone on a budget, they handle issues that arise, and they determine the timeline. They are a vital piece to ensuring that things run smoothly and that the job gets done. That’s why it is especially important to hire a quality contractor. The whole project rises and falls on their shoulders. 


Carpenters are tradespeople who deal with various kinds of woodwork. They build the framework for building and homes, they do exterior trim and siding, as well as wood trusses. Carpenters also handle the finishing touches that make interiors look spectacular. Things like staircases, baseboards, doors, and window cases. They handle the details that complete a construction project. 

Carpenters are the ones that do the work. They do the heavy lifting, literally! 

Not to be confused with woodworkers, who are skilled craftsmen that specialize in fine woodwork. They focus on projects such as furniture, frames, and artistic carvings. 

When you hear the term “carpentry contractor” that means a combination of the skills and responsibilities described above. A carpentry contractor, such as Waldron Carpentry, manages the project and does the work. It’s the best of both worlds! 

Hiring a carpentry contractor and their team means quality and consistency throughout the whole project. They function by a standard of service that is known and agreed upon by everyone, and the leadership of the team is well established. There’s no downside. 

For inquiries and quotes on specific projects, contact Waldron Carpentry today! 

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