Commercial Carpentry Areas of Expertise

When people think of carpentry, they often associate it with woodworking. They picture ornate pieces of furniture or handmade tables. But commercial carpentry is so much more than that! Carpentry does sometimes include woodworking, but it also covers residential and commercial projects as well. Which each require very different skill sets!

Most people do not realize the important work that commercial carpenters do in common, everyday projects. 

Here are some unexpected places you may find carpentry work:

Wood Rough Carpentry and Framing

Rough carpentry is considered the basics. It is the framework of a project. It is the structure that everything else is built from. Rough carpenters, or framers, build everything from structural supports, scaffolding, and concrete forms, to billboard signs and temporary frame shelters. Their work is very precise and vital to the progress of a project. 

Exterior Trim and Siding

Commercial carpenters are also sometimes responsible for the exterior trim and siding of a structure. The importance of these elements should be self-explanatory! You want to ensure that your structure is built with extreme care and attention so that it will stand the test of time. And you want to ensure that it’s built with quality materials and equipment as well. 

Finish Carpentry

Finish carpentry refers to the finishing touches that bring a project together. It is the final step in the remodeling process. This includes things like crown molding, stairs, beams, windows, and baseboards. You want to hire a skilled commercial carpenter for this particular task because these are all of the details that people see. They take notice when they see issues with the finishing touches of a space. 

So whether your project requires framework, exterior work, finishing details or all three, consider hiring a commercial carpenter. 

At Waldron Carpentry, we approach each of these tasks with the highest level of excellence. We are passionate about what we do, which is why we provide unparalleled quality carpentry. Our employees pay close attention to every detail of a project, ensuring that everything meets desire specifications. We aim to exceed expectations!

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