The History of Commercial Carpentry

Wood working bench

For centuries, carpentry has allowed people to create useful items out of wood. In fact, evidence of carpentry has been traced all the way back to the stone period, when people made stone tools to help them shape wood. Throughout history, the craft has evolved into what we currently know as commercial carpentry. Let’s take…

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How to Prevent Equipment Theft From Construction Sites

Temporarily closed for construction sign hanging on a fence

It’s no secret that construction equipment is expensive and not easily replaced. High price vehicles, equipment, and parts are susceptible to theft on a job site. Theft is more likely to happen when construction sites are not monitored with cameras or proper security. In fact, it happens all the time.  Recently, in North Carolina, two…

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5 Tips For A Successful Construction Business

With over 20 years of experience, we have learned a few things about running a successful construction business over the years. Living life, and running a business, is all about trial and error. It’s about learning what works and what doesn’t, and learning from those that may be ahead in the process. A successful business…

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Helpful Carpentry Terms To Learn

sunlight streaming through framing beams

Carpentry lingo can be confusing when you are unfamiliar with the carpentry industry. It can feel like a lot of construction jargon that’s difficult to grasp. So we’ve compiled a list of helpful carpentry terms to learn. They should help you out if you’re planning to hire a carpentry contractor in the near future.  Rough…

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Vital Questions To Choose Best Assisted Living Facility

Moving a family member into an assisted living facility is never an easy transition. Unfortunately, it is typically a taxing and stressful adjustment for any family. Often, choosing the best facility is difficult for several reasons. There are many factors to consider and it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. More than anything, you want to ensure…

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5 Reasons to Consider Luxury Apartment Living

The debate between renting versus buying a home is an ongoing one. Some people feel very passionate about one side while some feel very passionate about the other. There are multiple pros and cons to consider for each one. Weighing all of the aspects will help you make the best choice for you. But considering…

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Our New Year Resolutions

The start of the New Year is here! This means it is a time to reflect on the past year and decide on New Year resolutions for the future. Additionally, it is a time to determine what worked well and should continue, and what needs to change.  At Waldron Carpentry, we are always dedicated to…

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10 Ways to Make Memories With Family This Christmas

At Waldron Carpentry, we believe that family is the most important thing. We also believe that time spent with family should be our top priority, especially during the busy holiday season. But this year has been a bit unusual, to say the least. It has impacted the way we spend time with our loved ones,…

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Give Thanks: The Month of Gratitude

The month of November is the perfect time to pause and give thanks. It is known as the month of gratitude. Of course, we also celebrate a favorite holiday at the end of the month centered on giving thanks.  It has been a tough year for many, but there is still so much to be…

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