Choosing a Carpentry Contractor Shouldn’t Be Hard

When it comes time to hire a carpentry contractor for your building project, there are a lot of choices. The problem is all of those choices are not equal. As the general contractor, you know that if the sub-contractor doesn’t do the job right, it will cost you time, money and aggravation. So how do…

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The Power of Technology in the Carpentry Industry

Carpentry writing down plans on workbench

These days, technology is constantly evolving. And, as it changes and advances, so do jobs. Almost every job uses technology in some way or another these days. And, just like every other industry, carpentry continues to advance with the help of technological improvements. Technology has brought so many benefits to the table. One being, that…

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Inspiring Structures Made From Wood

Inside of a garage with the light shining through

If you’re looking for carpentry inspiration or new, innovative ideas, look no further. Check out some of these incredible wooden buildings. Scattered all over the world are incredible wooden structures. These are just a few examples of what excellent carpentry and woodworking can accomplish for a job. So, it’s possible that you’ll be working on…

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How to Prevent Equipment Theft From Construction Sites

Temporarily closed for construction sign hanging on a fence

It’s no secret that construction equipment is expensive and not easily replaced. High price vehicles, equipment, and parts are susceptible to theft on a job site. Theft is more likely to happen when construction sites are not monitored with cameras or proper security. In fact, it happens all the time.  Recently, in North Carolina, two…

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The Bridge Between Construction Safety and Mental Health

Three construction workers standing on a job site

Did you know Construction Safety Week and Mental Health Month are both in May? Construction safety and mental health are both very important, and they’re also closely related when it comes to construction workers’ wellbeing. Safety on a job site goes beyond following standard protocols and wearing the proper PPE. Safety should also include mental…

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It’s Construction Safety Week!

The top of multiple colored construction hats

Did you know Construction Safety Week is coming up? From May 3rd-7th, members, sponsors, and partners join together to spread awareness on proper construction safety protocols and procedures. It’s no secret that construction sites can be dangerous. Construction jobs are both physically and mentally straining. Needless to say, safety measures go far beyond PPE and…

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Adaptive Reuse: Giving Old Buildings a Second Life

An abandoned building in need of new renovations

After navigating through the COVID-19 pandemic, a lot of individuals found that they can still operate their businesses successfully while working remotely. Although this is a triumph for the business community, what does it mean for the vacant buildings left behind? Well, there is now a need for adaptive reuse. This is the concept of…

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Introducing Our Custom Engineered 6 Truss Lifting Bar

Here at Waldron Carpentry, we aren’t interested in simply maintaining the status quo. We are innovative and inventive. We are always looking for ways to increase efficiency, reduce costs, and improve safety for our team.  We recently designed a custom engineered 6 Truss Lifting Bar that was engineered and fabricated in Florida. We are excited…

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Building a Better Society Together

In light of recent events, racial tensions, and protests against social injustice, individuals and businesses alike have been given an opportunity. The opportunity to look inward to evaluate and challenge their beliefs, opinions, and behaviors regarding people of color.   Businesses have reflected on and amended policies, they’ve changed social media approaches, and they’ve considered the…

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How The Right Carpentry Contractor Can Save you Time and Effort

As a general contractor, you are looking for ways to make a job come together smoothly and efficiently. The last thing you want is surprises around every corner, delayed deadlines, and unexpected costs. Unfortunately, that’s what happens many times when you don’t have the right people in place.  If you’re on the fence about hiring…

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