Built to Last in a Decade of New Trends

With the start of a new year and a new decade, people are looking to the future with great expectations. Current 2020 construction trends include everything from artificial intelligence to modular construction high rises. While certain trends change as time passes, here are three non-negotiables that will enable your construction project to stand the test of time:


This may seem like an obvious first point, but with labor shortages still affecting the construction industry nationwide, hiring a company with a proven track record is a top priority. Find an established company with an excellent reputation and a long-standing history within your community. Then you will be able to accurately assess the longevity of the company as well as of their completed projects.


Next, let the work speak for itself. It doesn’t take long to see if there are lapses or mistakes in a construction project. On the other hand, you can immediately see the strength and quality of a well-built structure. Examine the processes a company uses to design and manufacture. What materials do they typically use? What safety measures do they have in place? Even with all of the modern safety and technological advancements, the quality of the work most often depends upon the integrity of the subcontractor. 


Perhaps the most important attribute to look for is integrity. When your subcontractor operates with complete honesty, you can rest assured knowing they won’t compromise the success of your project by taking shortcuts. Throughout the entire building process, you should be able to communicate with your subcontractor without hesitation or concern about whether or not you will receive an honest response. Finding someone you can completely trust to handle your project will pay dividends in the long run. 

On the whole, exciting and innovative new trends continue to enhance the construction industry. While many of these trends help improve the building process, nothing replaces the importance of longevity, quality, and integrity. At Waldron Carpentry, we implement these features to exceed your expectations, providing beautiful carpentry work for all of your construction needs.

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