Building a Better Society Together

In light of recent events, racial tensions, and protests against social injustice, individuals and businesses alike have been given an opportunity. The opportunity to look inward to evaluate and challenge their beliefs, opinions, and behaviors regarding people of color.  

Businesses have reflected on and amended policies, they’ve changed social media approaches, and they’ve considered the diversity of their employees. There has been an amazing collective effort to recognize injustices that people of color face each day and to work to create a more unified and truly equal society. 

We are proud to say that Waldron Carpentry has always represented a diverse, multicultural crew. Our team is made up of individuals from various races, ethnicities, and backgrounds that work together in unity as one team. We are proud to employ a diverse crew and we value the unique experience and skill that each person brings to the team. 

As a company, we join the effort to build a better society, not just with the materials we use, but by the people we stand alongside.

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