6 Tips For Staying Safe On The Job

Safety is of the utmost importance on a construction site. But “safety” can also cover several topics. Such as personal safety versus equipment safety. It is important to know the ins and outs of all safety precautions pertaining on the worksite. 

Here are a few tips to help you stay safe on the job: 

Drink plenty of water. 

One of the most important aspects of staying safe is staying hydrated. Especially when you work construction in Florida. The heat and humidity are sure to quickly deplete you. It is important to actively monitor your water intake and listen to your body’s needs. 

Take breaks when you need to. 

Carpentry is a physically demanding profession. On top of staying hydrated, it is also important to listen to your body’s other physical needs. And take a break when you need to on the job site. You put yourself and others at rest when you try to push through fatigue or skip breaks. Be intentional about resting on your time off of work as well. You need to give your body the chance to recuperate. 

Protect yourself from the sun. 

The Florida sun can be brutal. Especially when you are working in it all day long for days on end. Keep sun protection in mind at all times. Apply sunscreen before work and reapply later in the day. Wear a hat and sunglasses. Take breaks in the shade to give yourself a break from the sun. Learn the signs of heat exhaustion so that you are informed and aware of the warning signs. Too much sun exposure leads to unpleasant consequences. But they are completely preventable if you take the necessary precautions!

Keep up-to-date on all safety training. 

A great tip for staying safe on the job is to attend frequent safety training. There is always more to learn about proper procedures. Choose to educate yourself on better equipment handling. Go above and beyond the minimum required and seek additional training. More safety training and education will never hurt you. But a lack of education and training definitely will. At Waldron Carpentry, we utilize regular “toolbox talk” meetings to ensure everyone is properly trained at all times. 

Ask for help. 

If you are unsure about something on the job site, ask for help. It is not worth risking your safety or the safety of others. If you forget the proper procedure or how to handle particular equipment, it is better to ask for help than to guess. Working construction means working with machinery and equipment that pose potential risks. It also means closely following permits and building codes. In other words, too much is at stake for you to be anything but 100% confident in what you are doing.

Properly care for equipment. 

Just as caring for your body is vital, so is caring for the equipment you are using. It is important to follow procedures exactly. Make sure it doesn’t overheat. Make sure it is cleansed properly and put away properly. Some tools and machinery pose serious safety risks if they are not cared for properly. They may simply stop working or could spew sparks and malfunction, causing harm and destruction. 

So keep yourself and everyone around you safe by taking every safety precaution. Protect your body, care for the tools and equipment, and stay up-to-date on all training. Safety on the job should always be your top concern. 

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