5 Carpentry Myths Debunked

Unfortunately, some myths and rumors circulate about carpentry that simply aren’t true. You can’t believe everything you hear. This is why we want to set the record straight and debunk 5 common myths about carpentry.

Carpentry is simply woodwork 

For many, the term “carpenter” conjures images of a man intently building some kind of wooden fixture in his garage. Like a piece of furniture or something similar. But carpentry is so much more! Carpentry contractors need to have diverse skills. They are responsible for managing large-scale jobs that often involve heavy machinery. They have a hand in so many aspects including framing, roofing, rough carpentry, and finish carpentry.

Carpentry is an outdated trade. 

This couldn’t be further from the truth! Carpentry is a vital piece of modern-day construction. Carpentry is a thriving industry that welcomes new joiners each year. The method of carpentry has certainly changed over the years but it remains a vital trade.

Carpentry isn’t a viable career path 

Some people show interest in carpentry but question whether or not it is a viable career path. Especially because of technological advances that seem to have reduced the number of available jobs. But the truth is that the demand for qualified, skilled carpentry contractors is high. And it will remind high in order to achieve the quality construction. Each unique skill on a construction project serves a purpose and isn’t easily dismissed.  

Carpentry is a dangerous occupation 

While there is undeniable risk, carpentry is much safer than people assume. There are strict guidelines and safety precautions that must be followed to ensure safety. At Waldron Carpentry, we also do regular safety training to ensure that everyone is properly trained and up-to-date with all safety measures. There are occasional minor injuries, but more serious injuries are very rare. 

It’s difficult to get started and find employment 

There are so many great resources available to learn and grow in your carpentry knowledge at home. The next step would be to find a place to become an apprentice and get hands-on experience. There are different trade school options to choose from. Or you can find a skilled, experienced carpenter to work under and learn from them.

If you’re interested in carpentry, we encourage you to learn more about the industry! It is a wonderful skill to acquire that would provide fantastic benefits. And don’t buy the myth that just anyone can do a carpenter’s job. Carpentry is a necessary piece of any construction project. And just like most things, you get what you pay for. 

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